9th January 2019

Master Plant launches Mee CBD as the first water-soluble CBD brand in the UK.

The United Kingdom, January 2019--International cannabis company Master Plant launches the first water-soluble CBD brand in the United Kingdom delivering on its goal to create premium CBD products for the British and European markets. The launch supports Master Plant’s commitment to democratizing the consumption of cannabis. Mee CBD products are currently available in three form factors including single-use sachets, tinctures and as a bulk ingredient and are available in select retail establishments as well as online at www.meecbd.com.

"Water-soluble is the future as it brings pharmaceutical practices and highly bioavailable precise dosing to the nascent UK CBD market. Customers can trust that each dose is consistent and effective,” says Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Philip Petelski,

There are a host of benefits that have taken form since water-soluble CBD products have hit the market. Key benefits includes the ease of use and taste, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine without sacrificing taste. Water-soluble CBD products also provide better absorption into the system, providing faster onset times and better efficacy. They are more cost-effective so consumers only need to consume a small daily serving, and it has fewer side effects than other CBD-type products.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oliver Osgood says, "Mee CBD’s water-soluble offering is a key step in Master Plant’s mission to liberalise cannabis – water soluble makes it simple to stack habits so that CBD integrates seamlessly into existing behaviours like drinking a cup a tea. The feedback has been 100% positive and we look forward to growing the Mee CBD community of delighted customers."

By 2030, the global cannabidiol (CBD) market is anticipated to increase from USD $303 million in 2018 to USD $22.05 billion. During 2018-2030, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 40%. The proliferation of cannabis-based goods, rising consumer expenditure on these goods, rising cannabidiol (CBD) usage for medical applications, and substantial pharmaceutical R&D funding have all contributed to the expansion of the market.

About Master Plant

Master Plant is blazing the trail towards adult-use medical and wellness cannabis in the forecasted €40-100bn European markets. This market exists today via CBD and limited THC quantities "cannabis light," where we are building our brands and products to meet today's legal requirements with an eye toward unlocking the future potential of full-strength THC. Master Plant’s goal to improve well-being across generations with life-enhancing products.

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