Guernsey, February 16, 2023 - Master Plant Holdings (“Master Plant” or the “Company”), an emerging player in the European cannabis industry, has achieved a major milestone with the award of a cannabis licence for research and development, as well as manufacturing.  The licence, the second issued by the Bailiwick of Guernsey, positions Master Plant among a handful of companies in the UK and British Isles to achieve such status.

Master Plant is well placed to capitalise on the burgeoning legal cannabis market in Europe which is estimated to be valued at $13.4bn by 2027 by Market Data Forecasts.  The Company has consolidated decades of research and development into its proprietary cannabis genetics bank, providing for a diversity in major and minor cannabinoids, and other beneficial molecules that will contribute to a vast assortment of future products.

“Our legacy strains, with years of innovation and market penetration on the clock, give a substantial platform for launching premium products and developing further strains. It's really encouraging to see investors focusing on genetics and quality these days. This is how the industry has traditionally prided itself, rather than the huge and frequently failing projects of recent years,” says Master Plant Chairman and industry veteran, Len Werden.

Master Plant intends to retrofit its 60,000 sqft greenhouse in Guernsey to build a world class cultivation and manufacturing facility with the intent to serve the legal cannabis market.  The Company will focus on the further development of its genetics portfolio and the creation of highly controlled single-serve products, alongside its manufacturing, brand, and distribution capabilities.

“This is meaningful step for Master Plant and its investors.  We would like to thank the Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency and all parties that have supported us thus far.  The European cannabis industry is full of promise and with our Team’s extensive knowledge and experience from the North American markets, we have a great opportunity to create a major European entity with solid fundamentals,” says CTO Phil Petelski, who has licenced and built eleven cannabis facilities in North America.

Master Plant, upon completion of investment, will begin the retrofit of its facility in Q2 of 2023, with a targeted completion date for early 2024.

About Master Plant

Master Plant is blazing the trail in the legal adult-use cannabis market.  This market exists today via medical and low THC products across Europe.  Master Plant is building brands and products to meet today’s legal requirements with an eye on unlocking the future potential of full-strength THC.  Master Plant’s goal is to improve well-being across generations with life-enhancing products.

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The United Kingdom, January 2019--International cannabis company Master Plant launches the first water-soluble CBD brand in the United Kingdom delivering on its goal to create premium CBD products for the British and European markets. The launch supports Master Plant’s commitment to democratizing the consumption of cannabis. Mee CBD products are currently available in three form factors including single-use sachets, tinctures and as a bulk ingredient and are available in select retail establishments as well as online at

"Water-soluble is the future as it brings pharmaceutical practices and highly bioavailable precise dosing to the nascent UK CBD market. Customers can trust that each dose is consistent and effective,” says Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Philip Petelski,

There are a host of benefits that have taken form since water-soluble CBD products have hit the market. Key benefits includes the ease of use and taste, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine without sacrificing taste. Water-soluble CBD products also provide better absorption into the system, providing faster onset times and better efficacy. They are more cost-effective so consumers only need to consume a small daily serving, and it has fewer side effects than other CBD-type products.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oliver Osgood says, "Mee CBD’s water-soluble offering is a key step in Master Plant’s mission to liberalise cannabis – water soluble makes it simple to stack habits so that CBD integrates seamlessly into existing behaviours like drinking a cup a tea. The feedback has been 100% positive and we look forward to growing the Mee CBD community of delighted customers."

By 2030, the global cannabidiol (CBD) market is anticipated to increase from USD $303 million in 2018 to USD $22.05 billion. During 2018-2030, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 40%. The proliferation of cannabis-based goods, rising consumer expenditure on these goods, rising cannabidiol (CBD) usage for medical applications, and substantial pharmaceutical R&D funding have all contributed to the expansion of the market.

About Master Plant

Master Plant is blazing the trail towards adult-use medical and wellness cannabis in the forecasted €40-100bn European markets. This market exists today via CBD and limited THC quantities "cannabis light," where we are building our brands and products to meet today's legal requirements with an eye toward unlocking the future potential of full-strength THC. Master Plant’s goal to improve well-being across generations with life-enhancing products.

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